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It’s Here! My annual round up of my favourite SPF! We might already be at the beginning of August, but for many of us with school age children Summer has just started and our Summer holidays are looming. SPF is where it’s at whether you are holidaying home or abroad.

seaside 2019

The amount of times I hear people say, “I don’t need an SPF i’m not sunbathing” or ” I can’t be bothered to wear an SPF” and it fills me with dread. I just don’t understand why people would not rather spend five minutes a day applying an appropriate SPF and save them selves a life time of reversing skin damage or god-forbid dealing with skin cancer.

SPF August 2019

I am a child of the 70’s and i’m not going to lie….we never wore suncream. We just were not really educated in it and i used to burn, i would go out to play all day in the Summer Holidays and burn. Then when i was older, about 16-18 i would holiday abroad with my friends and smother my body in baby oil (the shame) and my hair was drenched in lemon juice. Of course i would burn and blister and be interribe pain. If i knew then what i know now…. because of that i have pigmentation issues that i have spent the past 20 years trying to correct.

When i became a mother myself 22 years ago, i realised the importance of SPF and both my children are always smothered head to toe in suncream. None of us leave the house without it and i have become a bit of an SPF bore, but i dont care.

This Summer, i decided to shake things up with my SPF as my usual SPF can sometimes feel a bit thick on the skin. I wanted to try lighter textures on me and the kids, including my youngest who is 11. Here is what i have been putting to the test since April and really been enjoying.

REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30

REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF

This is a super exciting launch for REN who have worked for over 6 years on this formula and i have to say i absolutely adore it, but….and there is a but which i will get to. However, with more and more people turning to a mineral SPF over a chemical one, this is great! Vegan friendly and Ocean friendly, this SPF will not damage Marine life or coral due to the exclusion of oxybenzone, this product is also completely recyclable time and time again!

“The cap is made from 100% recycled plastic and the bottle is made from 50% recycled plastic – the highest level they can use while still protecting the active ingredients in the sunscreen and being one-type plastic this can all be recycled again”

This mineral technology  boosts the skin’s natural processes of protection and renewal, rather than using short term chemical cover-ups. This formula is also silicone free and mattifies the skin which also works wonderfully on someone as dehydrated as me. It blocks and reflects UVA and UVB and Blue light effectively protecting you against premature aging, pigmentation and of course burning in the sun. Now back to that But…. as with most Mineral sun cream this does leave a white cast on the skin, which does eventually dissipate but i have to admit this is one of the best face sun creams i have ever used. So, to counteract that white cast i make sure i apply it well in advance of my leaving the house, after a while it settles down, the white disappears and the skin feels suitably hydrated and protected as well as looking naturally matte and shine free. If however i was leaving in a hurry, i would apply something else. I have used this on those crazy heatwave days, and my skin was still able to breath, i really highly recommend this. Available HERE

Murad City Skin Age Defence Broad Spectrum SPF 50

city shield spf

An incredibly sophisticated and unique product, City Skin Age defence, is in my opinion, a must have for anyone that spends a lot of time in front of a screen/mobile phone/laptop or is exposed to the elements on a regular basis. Firstly, as it is an SPF50 (and everyone should be wearing SPF daily), this incredibly light, pale, orange lotion is perfect for everyday use. A technologically-advanced, ultra-light, 100% mineral sunscreen that features Dr. Murad’s Enviromental Protection Technology, this cleverly shields the skin from the five main cause of damage.
Lutein is a potent antioxidant that protects the skin from Blue Light emitted from computers, tablets and phones and if like me you use one or the other most of the day, this is something you should consider as it can really accelerate the ageing process of the skin.
Polymer Matrix a breathable ‘second skin’ blocks the penetration of environmental issues. Iron Oxides protect against Infrared radiation and helps to brighten the skin, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide protects against UVA/UVB rays without chemicals. Phew! Now there is a lot going on in that bottle. What I will tell you is that it takes seconds each day to apply a thin layer to the face, neck and décolleté and it sinks in beautifully on the skin. I apply it every morning after my skincare regime and before my make up. It doesn’t create any roll off, sits beautifully on the skin, brightens it and also acts as a wonderful primer. This is a very easy way to completely protect your skin and I would really recommend it. If you are purchasing any MURAD product from the Murad website use the code SHARON10 for 10% off (Not affiliate) Available HERE

Garnier Ambre Solaire Dry Mist SPF30

Garnier Ambre Solair Spray Mist spf 30

This is the product my son has really been enjoying using for months! He saw it in Tescos and decide this what he wanted, a few sprays over the skin, a quick rub in and he is fully protected. I love this product because it is super quick and easy to apply, just shake the can and spray all over the body except the face and gently pat in. It feels like air, is not sticky at all, doesn’t leave any colour, smells pleasant is alcohol free and works like a charm. It’s dry touch formula is why my son loves it as he can apply and dress immediately. Fully protects the skin and is super handy to take to the beach! Available HERE

SVR Sun Secure SPF 50+ Invisible Fresh Mist

SVR Invisible mist spf 50

SVR is a brand that i really enjoy and i was so excited to try this out, lets just say it didn’t disappoint and i have used up the whole tin already! I have enjoyed everything about this incredibly light and fresh spray. Suitable for everyone from age 3, this mist can cleverly be applied on wet and dry skin – though i always apply it on dry skin. The mist is super fine and incredibly cooling, smells wonderfully fresh and kisses the skin leaving an SPF protection of 50+. Obviously with a spray you need to make sure to spray all over without missing any parts of the exposed skin, but once on it feels lovely. It is a completely dry mist so you can dress immediately. I adore this on my arms, decollete and shoulders and can reach the back of my shoulders with this too. Portable and a joy to use, great for family holidays, picnics and days around the pool. Water, sweat and rub proof and suitable for even sensitive skin. *SVR’s Integral Secure Technology provides protection against oxidative damage from UVA, UVB, visible light and infrared light. To read more about SVR go HERE and HERE Available to purchase HERE

SVR Sun Secure Huile SPF 50+ Silky Finish Dry Oil

SVR SPF50 Dry Silky Mist

If it is an oil you love, please make it a good, high spf one and not carrot oil hahaha! I love the feeling of an oil SPF on my legs as its super hydrating and also makes them look hydrated. This Silky Finish Dry Oil SPF from SVR is wonderful over the whole body. This water resistant oil is completly sry to the touch and protects the face, body and also hair!

“The brand’s first high protection dry-touch oil, it has a unique, anti-dryness, non-sticky oil texture that protects and nourishes skin without leaving a greasy film. Fortified with Integral Secure Technology (which targets all types of rays*), the sun protection oil is suitable for the whole family (over age three) and creates a silky barrier while promoting a luminous, even tan.”

I absolutely adore how the scent reminds me of Summer and really lifts my mood, but most importantly it allows for a deep and even tan whilst providing that all important  high SPF50+ ! This would be my first choice for holidays abroad as it hydrates the skin, nourishes it and leaves your skin beautifully bronzed! Available HERE

Nivea Kids Protect and Care Coloured Roll on SPF 50+

nivea kids roll on spf

If you want to get the children into the habit of applying SPF early in, then this roll on is great! Again i bought this from Tesco, well….actually my son did and he has been loving applying it. They do pink or green and we choose the green one. The smell is gorgeous, almost fruity and quite mouth watering and it is super, super water resistant which is great for kids paddling in the garden. It offers immediate UVA/UVB protection and is alot of fun to use. You literally roll it onto the skin and rub it in. It sinks in quickly and has only a slight tackiness which does dissappear as does the guide colour. We love this and have not had a problem with burning, but we do reapply often as this is not a once a day application. Kids love it and seem happy to apply this every day rather than a boring white cream. Available HERE

Environ Sun Care RAD SPF 15

Environ Rad SPF15

This easy to blend sun cream provides SPF 15 whilst containing sun filters and reflectors, plus anti-oxidants and minerals to not only protect the skin from the sun, but also keep it hydrated and feeling silky smooth. suitable for the whole body including the face this broad spectrum SPF offers a medium protection for days when the sun is not glaring. This is great at fighting free radicals thanks to the inclusion of Titanium Dioxide, Beta Carotene and Vitamins C and E.  This does require reapplication, but does feel silky smooth and creates a lovely base for make up application. Available on Amazon

Don’t forget to stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day and if this is not possible, cover up as much as you can. Always, Always wear an SPF.

I really hope you enjoyed reading about these. Which SPF products do you swear by and which ones will you be taking on holiday (Home or Away) this year? I would love to know so do please leave me a comment below.

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