Skinsense Four Piece Hydration Collection

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Well I don’t know about you, but spending more and more time in doors at the moment has certainly been playing havoc with my skin. Hydration is key and if your skin is looking dull, depleted and those dehydration lines are suddenly appearing, you need to act quick! If are looking for a collection that will hydrate both your face and body, but not sure what you need, then the Skinsense Four Piece Hydration Collection featuring as a QVC UK Todays Special Value could be perfect for you.

skinsense hydranet tsv may 2020

Launching at 9pm on 7th May until Midnight on the 8th May – whilst stocks last, this collection, which contains four deeply hydrating gel based products, slots easily into an exsisiting skincare regime or can be used alone.

The  Hydranet range from SkinSense delivers a gradual, slow release, of active ingredients, ensuring long-lasting skin hydration and protection from external aggressors.

“The Hydranet Collection couples Lamellar technology with revolutionary Hydraprotect Complex to ensure skin looks and feels youthful and hydrated all day long.”
revolutionary HydraProtect Complex is formed of a combination of four active

Comprised of Birchbark extract
and Barbary fig seed oil, Hydro-Gain™ regenerates the skin lipid
barrier and regulates moisture balance.
Fucogel® provides both short-term
moisturisation, to protect from dehydration, and long-term hydration with
a peak after 3 hours.
An innovative cage of
Hyaluronic Acid, Hyalu-Cage® encases every active ingredient to
ensure that the moisturising benefits are gradually released into the
Pollushield™ creates a barrier between the
skin and external aggressors and oxidative stress, which mimics the skin’s
natural protection”

Included in this Skinsense Four Piece Hydration Collection , which is suitable for all skin types, are the following products:

Hydranet Intense Concentrate 30ml

Skinsense hydranet intense concentrate

I have been slotting this product into my skincare regime, on and off for a couple of years now because my skin benefits from all the extra hydration this product gives. Using Lamellar Technology, to lock ingredients into the skin, this Intense Concentrate is able to deeply hydrate and nourish the skin whilst targeting those fine lines and wrinkles. This super silky, lightweight concentrate, maximises the skins hydration and leaves it with a glowing look. Peach Extract, Sweet Almond Oil and Shea Butter make this a beautiful blend of ingredients  that, along with Hyaluronic spheres, not only hydrate deeply but also protect the skin from external aggressors. Use daily in place of your serum, as this is a more powerful concentrate, and over time you will notice any fine lines start to plump out and the skin look brighter and smoother.

Hydranet Day Cream 50ml

Hydranet Day Cream Swatch

This is such an easy to wear day cream that leaves the skin looking and feeling super fresh. What I mean by easy to wear is that the lightweight, almost gel like formula glides easily onto the skin, sinking in beautifully without leaving any heavy or sticky residue behind. It’s cooling, it’s fresh, it feels almost Oceanic in the way it hydrates and how it smells and I absolutely adore wearing this under make up!

applying Hydranet Day Cream Swatch

It is like that perfect hybrid between moisturiser and primer as it not only hydrates and plumps the skin straight away, but it almost blurs out imperfections, relaxes the skin and just gives it that all round softer look. I find my make up glides on beautifully with this under it and as this  drip feeds hydration throughout the day, my make up never appears cakey. As a moisturiser, it hydrates beautifully , is very comfortable to wear and really plumps out the skin and those fine lines. If you find your usual moisturiser is not giving you the hydration you need, i would suggest giving this a try. It really is a drink of water for the skin.

Hydranet Eye Concentrate 15ml

Hydranet Eye Concentrate swatch

Its no secret that when i use eye products i much prefer a gel for the day time and a cream at night, i prefer the lighter texture of a gel product. Well, if you are like me rest assured this highly powerful eye concentrate is perfect for use day and night thanks to the lightweight gel texture. I have found that less is more with this product and when you gently tap a small amount into the eye area with the delicate ring finger, it immediatly hydrates the area and helps plump out those fine lines.

applying Hydranet Eye Concentrate swatch

It has a very silky texture that i pat into my laughter lines to really hydrate that area and it gives the under eye area an almost ethereal glow. The Lamellar Technology gently pushes the ingredients, including Cupacu Butter (which calms redness) and  Balm Mint Extract (which cools and soothes) into the eye area around the lid and under the eyes to cool, soothe, hydrate and plump. The texture is so beautiful and light and leaves my under eye area fully hydrated all day.

Hydranet Body Cream 400ml

Applying Hydranet Body Cream

Wow, wow, wow, if you suffer from scaly, dry, dehydrated skin, then fear not because this product will sort out those lizard legs in an instant. This is a full tub of hydration and I bloody love it hahahaha. It has the most sumptuous almost whipped, soufflé like texture that feels light and airy on the skin but delivers full on hydration. Its cooling, its soothing its packed full of Hyaluronic Acid and Sweet Almond Oil to deeply hydrate, nourish and nurture the skin whilst leaving it feeling so, so silky soft and looking beautiful. This Body Cream is not sticky or tacky, meaning you can dress immediatly and delivers the hydration all day long.

Applying Hydranet Body Cream to legs

Just lately I have been not only slathering this on my body but also the backs of my hands, which, with all this extra hand washing we are doing, were starting to look so creapy and dehydrated, but a day of slathering this body cream on them had them looking almost better than ever. Perfect massaged onto freshly shaved legs, leaving them feeling soft and smooth, lovely massaged into the arms, especially the backs, to help with any bumps and wonderful anywhere else you want smooth, hydrated skin! This is my first time using this body cream  and I am pretty much half way through the tub in just a few weeks. The only detail I dislike is the smell, I really dislike the smell but the smooth, soft, glowing skin that it gives me is so worth it. I cant wait for you to try it.

complete set of skinsense hydranet tsv may 2020

I think what makes the Hydranet Collection so special is that regardless of age, everyones skin needs extra hydration. Whether its too much time spent indoors, or outdoors or not drinking enough water, being too busy, unwell or just lazy with skincare, the skin will always suck in as much hydration as you give it. This collection is easy to use, even for those of us that are time poor, the formula is beautifully light, yet luxurious and the hydration is felt immediately . Over time you then benefit from those long-term results, the fine lines softening due to being more hydrated, the skin glowing and feeling so much softer. This really is a wonderful skincare range for anyone that wants that clarity to their skin!

The Skinsense Four Piece Hydration Collection is launching on QVCUK at 9pm 7th May until Midnight on the 8th May and is available whilst stocks last at an incredible price. The Value of this collection is £110.00 and i can tell you it will be available for much, much less. The collection will be available to purchase HERE soon…..

skinsense canva graphic may 2020

I would love to here from you if you have already tried anything from the Skinsense Range.

I hope you enjoy this collection as much as i do,

Thanks for reading and stay safe

Love, Sharon xx



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