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Mature Skin Series : The Perfect cleansers on all Budgets

June 6, 2019

Contains *Some Pr Samples and Affiliate Links If you have read my previous post talking all about Mature skin HERE (the meaning of it, if you have it and which products to use) you may find yourself  looking for a place to start. Well have no fear for I have put together a concise list of NEW cleansers that are perfect for all skin types…

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Mature Skin Series : What is Mature skin and do i have it?

June 4, 2019

So many times I write a post and mention having “Mature Skin” and many people have contacted me to ask me how they would know if they have it, and is it just about being older? After speaking to many experts in this field I thought I would put a little post together to give you a general idea of what “Mature Skin” is. Firsly,…

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Dealing with Trolls and Cyber Bullying

May 22, 2019

Speak to anyone that has any kind of following on Social Media, no matter how small, and I can pretty much guarantee they have had a negative comment on one of their channels. BUT!! When it becomes more than one negative comment or “difference of opinion” then what? The internet and Social Media can be such an amazingly wonderful place to be, all this technology…

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Talika Genius Light Therapy Multi Programme Anti-Ageing Mask – QVC TSV

May 20, 2019

Sponsored Advertorial in association with Talika Every now and then a product comes a long that literally takes your breath away with its technology and results. The Genius Light from Talika is that product. Genius light works from the first use, giving your skin and the area around your eyes and, according to Talika, your face, exceptional results, plus the more you use it, the…

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SBC Launch new Watermelon Range as a QVC TSV

May 13, 2019

Sponsored Advertorial in association with SBC Gels Rewind to a cold wet January with thoughts of Summer seemingly a far off dream….then imagine my sheer delight and excitement at finding out this new launch would soon be happening!! SBC are Launching Watermelon Products woooo hoooo! I am so Happy, not just because Watermelon is my favourite fruit, not just because Watermelon is my favourite fruity…

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The Fresh and Fruity skincare products making a splash

May 10, 2019

Sponsored Advertorial in Association with SBC GELS If there is one brand I can count on to brighten up my day it is SBC, their range of skin friendly skincare gels, cleansers and body products always feel so beautiful on the skin, smell fresh and fruity and keep the skin calm and balanced. Having been a constent lover of this brand for over 15 years…

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Its time for a Glowgasm with Charlotte Tilbury

May 9, 2019

Includes affiliate links which you can read about HERE With Charlotte Tilbury dropping new launches as quickly as Tarte, Too Faced and Make Up Revolution, it can be really hard for us beauty junkies to keep up. I have been purchasing some of the recent new launches on your behalf so that you can take the time to really think about what your make up…

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BareMinerals Flawless Full Face Collection

May 3, 2019

Contains Press Samples Bareminerals are such a huge beauty brand and for good reason. Their make up products have the incredible ability to work on all skin types including those that may need extra care and love. Whether you have an Acne skin, Sensitive skin, Younger or more Mature skin, I am almost certain you will find something from this brand that works with your…

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It’s all about the Confidence with It Cosmetics new skincare launches

April 27, 2019

Contains PR Samples and Affiliate Links I love me some new skincare! I am always up for testing out new ingredients, textures and technologies. One brand that is right on the forefront of skincare is It Cosmetics. Working with plastic surgeons, dermatologist, chemists and a whole host of skincare experts, the brand keeps on excelling. I have written many times about my love for their…

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Glow with Gatineau! Radiant Summer Skincare Collection

April 26, 2019

Summer is most definitely on its way and with the Gloriously Warm Spring Easter Heatwave we have just experienced, the U.K weather loves to surprise! One thing you can be sure of is that this collection from Gatineau will have you prepped, ready and looking and feeling gorgeous for when that sun pops! Gatineau really are true experts in their field. This professional Parisian brand…

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The Mothership has landed! Pat McGrath Labs launches in Selfridges!

April 24, 2019

I cannot tell you how excited I am about this launch. Literally, I am OBSSESED with everything that Pat McGrath does. The Woman, the Make up Artist, the Icon, the Legend and, according to Anna Wintour of Vogue ” The most influential make up artist in the world”. If you have loved make up, with a passion, your whole entire life, you will know who…

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Elemis Reveal Radiant Skin Top To Toe 6 Piece Collection

April 8, 2019

Advertorial feature in association with Elemis Summer is coming and Spring has Sprung! It is time to prepare our skin for lighter clothes and sunny days. The Elemis Reveal Radiant Skin Top To Toe 6 Piece Collection, is wonderful at making the skin from our face to our body look healthier, feel better and appear glowing! The reason I love this collection is because you…

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