Finding joy in the little things this Spring….

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I cannot believe we are finally in Spring! We have all been looking forward to those warmer, lighter brighter months for so long. Only now, sadly the World is a little different. With  most of us on Lockdown at home it is time to indulge ourselves in some Self-Care, it can be hard to find things to feel happy about but here is how I am finding joy in the little things this Spring.

Daisy London Estee Luna Necklace

With the stresses of Working from home, Home-Schooling or just trying to keep things Business as Usual, it can be easy to look past things that give us great joy or can really cheer us up. I am now learning to take joy in the extra time I am able to spend with my family, but also the Self-Care I am giving myself. Whether that be in wearing new jewellery just to feel good, applying my make up every day to look good or writing in my journal to express myself, its all about loving yourself right now. With this in mind I wanted to share some ways in which I will be finding joy in the little things this Spring.

Fragrancing my home……

Clean Reserve Warm Cotton Reed Diffuser

Clean Reserve Warm Cotton Reed Diffuser

With all of us spending most of our time at home ( except key workers ) it has never been a better time to get the home looking clean and smelling fresh. For me a scent or a fragrance can really uplift the mood and I find diffusers absolutely perfect for this. The one I am currently obsessed with and have in my living room is the Clean Reserve Warm Cotton Reed Diffuser. I have featured Clean Reserve on my blog many times as both my husband and I wear their fragrance. So when I was invited to the launch of their home fragrance range, I could not wait! Each Liquid Reed Diffuser is handcrafted and made with a Clean Formula, Ethically sourced sustainable ingredients, uses Natural Reeds, is Paraben Free, Dye Free and cruelty free. They use Wood from sustainable forests, the fragrance bottle is reusable and recyclable as is the glass, the cellophane around the packaging is compostable and biodegradable corn cellophane and ink on the packaging is printed using soy and water based inks- Phew!! All that goodness before you have even smelt the fragrance!

Clean Reserve Warm Cotton Reed Diffuser

I have chosen the Warm Cotton Fragrance and it is absolutely beautiful. It is a comforting yet uplifting fragrance that literally smells like freshly washed cotton from the machine, its bright, its airy and just lifts the room. The packaging with the stylish glass design is just beautiful and can be reused afterwards, it is very chic and clean and looks gorgeous in any room of the house. The fragrance lasts up to 90 days and is a vegan formula. Available in other fragrances too HERE

Shaving my legs……

Wilkinson Lady Protector Razor

Wilkinson Sword

Shaving my legs!! Hahahaha yep! In Spring i actually look forward to shaving my legs because it means the sunshine is here! I usually stay completely hidden under my jeans and pajamas in Winter (Sorry Husband) so I find great joy in this at this time of the year. I have used the Wilkinson sword Razors for years, i love how the Lady Protector has the anti slip handle and that cooling and soothing Aloe Vera edge, which gives a beautifully soft and smooth shave.

Wilkinson Sword

I just love the feeling of  smooth legs in a gloriously fresh set of bed sheets, it makes me smile. Its the little things isn’t it? Or popping on my Favourite Elemis Frangipani Body Oil over smooth silky legs, brings me the smallest of joys. So hop in the shower with your favourite shower gel and give yourself a lovely shave to brighten the day and makes your skin feel lovely and smooth, plus the sunshine is on its way and laying in the garden with a glass of vino sounds like a plan to I right?

Washing my hands……..

ME Hand Wash & Hand Lotion

ME Handwash and Handsoap

With all of us washing our hands constantly right now, I have enjoyed switching up the scents of my hand lotions and hand washes. There is no need for harsh products on our hands when we can use some lovely ones that uplift the senses and make the simple yet effective motion of washing our hands a little sweeter. I am currently loving the ME range of Hand Wash & Lotion from The Perfume Shop. I have the Empowered scent and it is absolutely divine.

ME is the New Own Brand Collection from The Perfume Shop and it promises positivity whilst taking the sustainable approach – I love that. The collection of bath, body-care and home fragrancing  is packaged in beautifully simple, recyclable packaging, uses only Vegan Ingredients is unisex and cruelty free. The Empowered range which I have is a wonderfully uplifting, citrus scent with top notes of Lime, Mandarin, Orange and Bergamot, heart notes of Basil, Lilac, Iris and Thyme and base notes of Vetiver and Amberwood. The hand-wash and lotion are an absolute pleasure to use each and every time as they are so bright and citrusy in a really happy way. Available HERE

Wearing Jewellery…..

Estée Lalonde Luna Lock Necklace

Daisy London Estee Luna necklace

Just because we are not going out and socialising, we shouldn’t stop doing the things we love, at home. For me that includes wearing Jewellery. You will always find me wearing a pretty necklace, earrings or bracelet and this beautiful Estée Lalonde Luna Lock Necklace from Daisy London has completely won me over. It is a necklace that always brings compliments when I wear it, makes me feel happy and is so comfortable to wear that i’m still wearing it daily during Lockdown, whilst getting ready for the day, taking my zoom meetings or just playing with my son, its part of me.

Back to you Beauty wearing Daisy London

A solid 18ct gold plated silver necklace, this statement piece features an amulet style pendant to empower.
Inspired by modern goddesses everywhere, this new collection is made up of effortless, everyday jewellery with the power of feminine energy and the idea that we are all perfectly imperfect. Celestial. Renewal. Change.

wearing daisy london necklace

This probably sounds daft, but when I wear this I feel safe… it has a lovely weight about it and it is just nice to know I am still wearing the jewellery i love and that makes me feel as if nothing has really changed at all. I love how it makes me feel happy, empowered and uplifted. Plus if you are working from home and holding Zoom or Skype meetings, you still look very put together on the top half, whilst wearing your pajamas on the bottom! This would also make a gorgeous gift for someone special, if you have a birthday of a loved one coming up, why not order this for delivery. It really is a very special piece., that makes the wearer feel empowered, loved and in control. Woman’s Necklace Available HERE

Wearing Make UP

Business as usual - sort of

Everyday on my social channels, either Facebook or Instastories you will find me live at 10am creating #SharonsLockdownLook it is a time when I invite people to come and do their make up with me, so that we all have some normality and routine in an otherwise very unnormal time. Its great to experiment with make up, put on our face and feel fresher and brighter about ourselves and the day ahead. Come and join me if you can…..

At home Spa….

elemis april 2020 qvc tsv

There is nothing i like more than a pamper session to ease my mind and relax me being. Currently i am loving the Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydrate & Nurture Collection to help me unwind. The beautifully pampering products enable me to relax in a nice warm bath or shower and indulge my face and body in some much needed skincare. After all, this is a strange and somewhat stressful time for us all, so keeping our skin hydrated and in tip top condition really will do us good in the long run. Which ever products you love, now is the time to use them, lavish them and indulge in that at home spa time you have always promised yourself. Available HERE

Staying hydrated……

Corkcicle bottle

….and no I don’t mean drinking more wine! With the change in lifestyle and all the new and extra things we are needing to do right now, wash our hands more, check up on friends and family, home school, work from home, it can be quite easy to get distracted from drinking. Now, more than ever, staying hydrated is what we need in order to focus on our tasks ahead, form clarity and keep us looking and feeling healthy. I love to fill my Corkcicle Hybrid canteen with fruit and water and have it on my desk, by my side whilst I work from home. You have probably seen me use lots of Corkcicle products over the years because they do such a great job of keeping hot drinks hot and cool drinks cold. I love this Hybrid Canteen because it has a wide mouth for popping in some ice cubes for my favourite iced latte or adding fruit to water. It has a non slip, insulated stainless steel base so there is no condensation when you grip it and it is hypoallergenic! It is also  the perfect 20oz size which means remember to drink enough water each day. Available HERE

On top of these little things that I am encorportaing into my new daily routine, I am enjoying walking my dog Ruby daily as part of our allotted exercise time, reading more books, noticing the pretty Spring flowers, listening to the birdsong now that every where is so quiet, writing in my Gratitude Journal and watching Disney+ with my family. Finding joy in the little things this Spring can easily be achieved, don’t worry about what we cannot do at the moment, but focus on all the things we can do. Stay uplifted, stay motivated and remain positive and soon this too shall pass…

Wash your hands, Stay home and Stay Safe…

I would love to know how you will be Finding joy in the little things this Spring….. Are you doing any of the things I have mentioned? Leave me a comment below.

Thanks for reading,

Lots of Love

Sharon xx










  1. Lucy
    April 8, 2020 / 3:58 pm

    What a beautifully presented and well thought out blog – just what the Dr ordered. I lovvvve fragrance in my home and find it such a mood lifter , even in these trying times. I am always up for a pamper, but ore lockdown I would often put it to the bottom of my list as I had other demands on my time. Now if I fancy a pamper at 11am on a day I am struggling then I just do it (after watching your lockdown look video obvs 💕). Thank you for brightening our days and reminding us to find joy in the simple things – it is much appreciated. xxx Lucy xxx

    • backtoyoubeauty
      April 9, 2020 / 10:49 am

      Thank you so much for always being so supportive of me and my blogs! Sending lots of love to you xx

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