Judith Williams The Rose Collection Life Long Beauty February Qvc TSV

February 21, 2016

Rose infused and scented products are everywhere at the moment, and really seem to be the in thing, but you must choose the products with the best quality ingredient’s to make the most difference to your skin.

Although these products seem to be a “trend” at the moment, Rose products have been around for hundreds of years thanks to its skin benefiting qualities. Rose oil is one of the most expensive oils because it can take tens of thousand of rose petals picked just as they bloom, to make drops of oil. Rose oil is amazing for dry skin, thinning skin, ageing skin, red skin, inflamed skin, the benefits go on and on and on.

On 24th February Judith Williams will be bringing a beautiful Life Long Beauty Collection to Qvc. Her Life Long Beauty collection is not a trend led collection but a range that has been well received by customers for many, many years. It  has been created for customers that need products which address the signs of ageing, dehydration or mature skin. Containing the Rosa Centifolia in the Rich Rose products -which is especially suited to dry skin and also products from her Classic LLB collection, it really is a gentle yet premium range of products that can help treat many skincare concerns.

Rose Cleansing Balm 50ml –  Ooooooh you know I do love a cleansing Balm, they just have such a luxurious texture that feels absolutely beautiful as you gently rub it into your face. If you are a fan of Judith Williams and her LifeLong Beauty Range, then this is something for you. Suitable for older skin, or more delicate, sensitive, even thinning skin, this lightly scented Rose balm is a beautiful cleanser. You only need maybe a 20p sized amount of this balm. As you gently massage it into your skin you will see it turn to an almost serum type consistency! It can take away all types of make up including eye make up and it doesn’t tug or pull on the eyes. It is very gentle and yet so thorough. After massaging this in I always use the included beautifully soft bamboo cloth which really wipes off every single piece of dirt and make up. Skin is left so unbelieveably clean and soft after use. A little trick I do with this is apply a thicker layer as a mask over my face when I am in the bath.  I suffer from dry skin and I am still always amazed at how my skin drinks this in. I then wipe away any residue. Due to the concentration of rose oil in this balm it can also be used on dry shins and elbows too, it really is a multi purpose hydration powerhouse. I absolutely love it and included it in my post about Cleansers to try in 2016 which you can read HERE. You can purchase this separately from Judith Williams HERE

Judith Williams Rose Cleansing Balm

Rose Elixir 20ml – Thicker than a serum and with a spongey texture, this Rose Elixir is perfect for when you need that extra boost of hydration. This unique, lightweight Rose Elixir absorbs quickly and easily into the skin after cleansing. Its light, gentle, uplifting Rose scent is not at all cloying and makes this product even more of a joy to use. Absolutely fantastic to use in these colder months when our face is fighting the outside elements, you will soon find yourself with a more hydrated and brighter complexion. As this is a real concentrated product you will love the feel of it on your skin and enjoy immediately noticing how much better your skin looks. Although I personally only use a few products from this range ( my skin leans more towards the Vitamin C and Future Skin Range) I do love this product because the benefits are instant. It really does not feel at all sticky on my dry skin, sinks in beautifully and leaves my skin ready to accept my moisturiser of choice. I also love the bottle, I think it looks so pretty and you know me and my packaging!! You can purchase this product individually from Judith Williams HERE

Judith Williams Rose Elixir

Intensive Eye Cream 30ml – This eye cream is enriched with Rose Water and vitamin E, which is wonderful for anti-ageing and reducing the look of puffiness. It feels hydrating on the delicate skin around the eye and helps at softening the fine lines and wrinkles . Last September I was using this every evening for 4 weeks and my skin definitely looked plumper in that area. I also had an issue with wrinkles just above my eyebrow, so i was using it above there to hydrate and plump those wrinkles more, making them less visible. Easy to use product, apply a dab to each ring finger morning and evening before moisturising and gentle tap in and around your fine lines and wrinkles around and under your eye. This tube will last you ever such a long time as you really need a small amount.

Judith Williams Intensive Eye Cream

Neck & Decollete Cream 100ml – If you bought Judith Williams Hero Collection Back in October, you might just about be running out of this neck and décolleté cream by now. This is one of Life Long Beauty’s best selling items and it is easy to see why. Containing a superior soya complex with soya isoflavones that help counteract the signs of ageing, this neck cream is a joy to use. Neck creams really are so important as without them your neck can age you quite dramatically by showing those dehydrated necklace looking lines. A wonderfully rich cream that becomes addictive because of the smell and the results, it should be something you use twice daily. I had started noticing those lines just between the top of the cleavage on the decollette thanks to some sun damage, so for me neck creams are a must. Easy to use, a wonderful gentle product for a more mature, thining skin it really is never to late to begin using a neck product. Always apply neck creams in a upwards motion, take this all the way up to the jaw line and down to the bust. Available direct from Judith Williams HERE

Judith Williams Neck & Decollete Cream

Protective Day Cream 150ml – This huge pot of beautifully Rich Rose Face Cream is sure to last you an age. The more you use it, the less you need as your skin becomes more and more hydrated. This is a superb day cream if you want that comforting, hydrating, nurturing, non complicated cream. Perfect for more Mature skin or skin that is showing the signs of thinning it is a lovely rich cream that just melts into the skin. The smell is beautiful, not overpowering at all, and it gives plump, hydrated, soft skin. Fantastic from 45 plus or anyone seeing the signs of ageing, slackening or dull skin, this can help firm and brightem the skin. This is one of my mums absolute favourite Moisturisers. She has a very delicate, sensitive skin and this suits her beautifully.

Judith Williams Protective Day Cream

All in all the value of this collection is fantastic!! I would highly recommend this TSV for anyone that wants a brighter skin, a non complicated routine and wants to hydrate dry, thinning skin and deal with fine lines and wrinkles. For me and my skin that suffers from pigmentation I prefer the Future skin range, however, I do use the Life Long Beauty Miceller water daily and I adore the Rose Exlir, the amazing Rose Cleansing Balm and Neck and decollette cream. This is a no nonsense, pleasure to use collection that individually has a value of at least £136.00 but will be under £40.00

This collection is Available to purchase here You can also purchase each individual item via the Cura Beauty Website HERE

You Can view my other Judith Williams Blogs HERE, HERE and HERE. Don’t forget to leave me a comment below as I would love to know which is your favourite item from the range. Have a lovely day x

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