Glow with Gatineau! Radiant Summer Skincare Collection

April 26, 2019

Summer is most definitely on its way and with the Gloriously Warm Spring Easter Heatwave we have just experienced, the U.K weather loves to surprise! One thing you can be sure of is that this collection from Gatineau will have you prepped, ready and looking and feeling gorgeous for when that sun pops!

Glow with Gatineau! Radiant Summer Skincare Collection April tsv

Gatineau really are true experts in their field. This professional Parisian brand is world renowned for its anti-ageing skincare and innovative technologies in both face and body products.

“Our story began in Paris over eighty years ago with a visionary beauty therapist, Madame Jeanne Gatineau. A woman with a true passion for beauty, she set out to provide revolutionary skincare solutions for women”

This is the perfect collection to get your skin looking smooth, glowing and feeling hydrated! Perfect for Spring dresses and soon-to-be swimsuit season!

Included in this three piece collection are the following products:

NEW Golden Glow Gradual Tan Supersize 400ml

You know me! I love a new skincare launch and was super excited to try this! Give me all the Summer products that promise to make me a bronzed glowy goddess and I am happy! Ok, Ok, maybe Gatineau do not promise quite that with this product, but they are not far off. I love me a gradual glow! They are not messy like fake tan, don’t smell like fake tan, don’t leave streaks like fake tan and unlike many fake tans they actually hydrate and soften the skin. This new Golden Glow Gradual Tan from Gatineau is just beautiful! The moment you pump it out onto the skin and smooth it in, the skin suddenly feels like silk. This cream is so lluxurious and a real pleasure to apply to the body. Not only does it smell beautiful, thanks to the top notes of Pear and Mandarin, middle notes of Jasmin, Ylang Ylang and Cyclamen, but you have a lovely glow after just 4 hours.

Gatineau Gradual Glow

This gel cream has the most wonderfully light weight and cooling consistency. It absorbs into the skin super, super fast leaving you able to dress pretty much immediately. Containing Coconut Oil, Soy Oil, Vitamin E and DHA from Sugar Cane, this product nourishes even the driest of skins, especially those parched by the sun. It deeply hydrates the skin and evens out imperfections on the skin. I love to apply one pump per limb, every night for three nights, then every other night depending on the glow I wish to achieve.

As with all products of this kind, best results will be achieved if you exfoliate regulary. Can be used in conjunction with the tan activator too. Love it!


Hero Product Tan Accelerating Lotion Supersize 400ml

Tan Accelerators are fantastic products for getting your skin summer ready. They prepare your skin by bringing the Melanin levels to the surface. This means that when we finally expose our bodies to the sun, there is less shock to the system, sometimes less burning (always use a suitable SPF) and less troublesome problems such as prickly heat. They can be applied at least 8-10 days before a holiday to really maximise your tan, and also just before and after tanning for that extra boost. I however, start in April to get my skin as prepared as possible and continue right through until the end of September.

Gatineau Tan Accelerator

Tan Accelerators are great for the whole family for the reasons listed above. Prickly heat can be very painful and unsightly and can really stop many people venturing out in the sunshine. For me personally, I used to use Tan
Accelerators to literally accelerate my tan! Sounds simple right? Many years ago, going back…. 20 or so years. The Body Shop used to do an amazing product that gave me a deeper, darker, richer tan and lasted so much longer, it used to contain Black walnut I think and was gorgeous. Now I use Tan Accelerators, because my skin has become very sensitive to sun, due to harsh medication. Also at the fabulous age of 44, I want to make sure my skin looks and feels its most healthiest.

Gatineau Tan Accelerating Lotion is a lovely light, almost milky lotion that really cares for the skin. It contains anti-ageing Melatogenine skincare products to really boost the look and feel of the skin whilst preparing it for the sun. It sinks into the skin beautifully, leaving my skin soft, supple and very hydrated. The smell of this lotion is gorgeous, uplifting, clean and fresh. It is non greasy, easily absorbed and feels just like a beautiful body lotion. Usually this is my go to after a shower or bath in the evening as I love the clean, fresh feeling. This helps give my skin a natural even tan and definitely prolongs it too. I find the Gatineau Tan Accelerating Lotion evens out patchy areas and tans those hard to tan parts. A constant repurchase year after year.

Radiance Enhancing Gommage 75ml

Another much loved product that I use on a regular basis, is this Radiance Enhancing Gommage. As you may know I love a great exfoliator. There is nothing worse than the thought of leaving dead skin cells on my face as this just leave the skin looking grey and lifeless. This means any products applied on top cannot work to its ability. Sloughing away these dead skin cells really awakens the skin, takes away all those impurities and leads to a brighter, healthier looking complexion, which we all want right? This product is perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin and uses a mild enzymatic formula to remove the dead cells. You will not feel any particles or grains scrubbing against the skin, it is so gentle, looks gorgeous and smells OMG AMAZING! I literally salivate when I use this product hahaha.

Radiance enchancing gommage swacth

It has a real zesty, citrus uplifting scent that makes this an absolute joy to use. Massage the beautifully sparkly, illuminating gel gently over the face including crows feet around the eyes, on DRY skin. Leave it to sit for a minute or two and you will see that it has changed to a liquid. Rinse off with warm water and glowing skin should be glaring back at you! This is my hero product of the collection! A great tip – if after a period of ill health, stress, or tiredness, apply a layer all over the face and neck and rest for ten minutes then wipe away, this gives a more intensive treatment. This product should ideally be used twice a week.

Gatineau April 2019 tsv

This collection also comes with a cute tote bag.

My Thoughts on this collection

You only need to scroll back through my blog over the past 6/7 years to see how much I enjoy Gatineau Products. Their tan accelerator is always part of my Spring Summer routine and now to have this new Gradul Glow product is absolutely perfect! If you love great skincare and adore Gatineau then this really is a no brainer.

This collection is exclusive to QVCUK and is launching as a Todays Special Value on Sunday 28th April 2019. Available for one day only, whilst stocks last you can purchase it HERE as soon as it becomes available.

What is your favourite Gatineau Product? I would love to know, do leave me a comment below.

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12 comments so far.

12 responses to “Glow with Gatineau! Radiant Summer Skincare Collection”

  1. Sharon l also love the Tan accelerator and purchased 2 ready for the summer I find it also prolongs your tan. Will definitely be purchasing Sundays TSV.

    • backtoyoubeauty says:

      Hi Vivienne, thank you for your comment! I think you will adore the consistency and results of the new Gradual Glow product too so keep me posted x

  2. Sara says:

    What an informative review. I have used the Gommage before but the body products sound fabulous I may have to treat myself😀

  3. Debbie wyatt says:

    I much prefer gradual tanning products to instant ones, they tend to look more natural on me x

  4. Allison Steers says:

    I too remember the body shop product it was amazing will probably give this a go thanks to your honest review. Thanks Sharron 😊

    • backtoyoubeauty says:

      Yay! I think in all the years I have ever mentioned The Body Shop product – which im sure was black walnut or something like that, you are the only person to remember 🙂

  5. Michelle says:

    Hello thank you for the wonderful information it was very informative to read.i have never used these products but i am now very tempted thank you ❤️Xx

    • backtoyoubeauty says:

      You are most certainly welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read it, keep me posted if you try them and let me know how you get on. Have a lovely day x

  6. Lucy says:

    This sounds a perfect set for me – especially living in the sun. Off to order it right now. Stunning shots as ever and beautifully and honestly explained. xxx Lucy xxx

    • backtoyoubeauty says:

      Hi Lucy, oh yes! perfect for you! the tan accelerator is wonderful, im a huge fan of this collection xx

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