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It is a  very strange time that we are all living in at the moment and whilst i am keeping it Business as usual over here on my blog, as a welcome release from the news,  I am going through all the emotions  with you. Something that I am finding a huge help at this time is the importance of Self Care. With many of us working from home, home-schooling or struggling with the pressure of being a key worker, it has never more important to look after yourself than right now.

I love a great pamper, i really do and as i am working from home and home schooling my youngest son and have a frontline key worker in the house, you can only imagine how stressfull it is at the moment, but i do believe in finding positives in every day. I love nothing more that a hot bubble bath at the end of a long day, and a good ole pamper session whilst watching Netflix (hit me up with any great film suggestions) So this Elemis Pro-Collagen Hydrate and Nurture collection could not have come at a better time for me and you.

With the emphasis on Hydrating the skin, which is something we will all need to be doing during this period indoors, this collection is practical whilst feeling like the most luxurious treat that we all deserve. It really is time right now to show yourself lots of Self Love, and get your Mind, Body and Skin in a great place. Featuring as a QVC Todays Special Value on Sunday 5th April, this collection is available on pre-sale for you now HERE!!

Included in this incredible 6 Piece collection is the following:

Frangipani Monoi Bath & Shower Milk 300ml

Elemis Frangipani Bath & Shower

I just cannot stress enough the importance of Self Care and this really is the perfect bath product to indulge in some ME TIME. Whether you use this as a bath soak or in the shower, you are in for a treat that will delight the senses and clear the mind. If you are feeling, tired, stressed or overwhelmed, it is amazing the difference a hot bubble bath or warm shower can make.  Frangipani  is the signature scent of Elemis with its warm and sultry, exotic floral notes it is comforting, uplifting and inspiring in scent. In this Bath and Shower Milk, the scent is lighter and not as heady as the scent in lotions, which is great as it forms the base layer for the rest of your body products. Everyone’s sense of smell is different, but I notice more of a sweetness of the white flowers in the bath & shower milk than I do in the oil and lotions. Frangipani Monoi Bath & Shower Milk really puts me in a better mood. The foaming lather creates the most beautifully airy bubbles that gently cleanse the skin whilst leaving it feeling incredibly hydrated and lightly fragranced. Wonderful applied to wet skin in the shower as it really hydrates dry skin and feels beautifully pampering. I love to use it in a warm bath and add 3 capfuls to running water to create a soft, sumptuous, relaxing bathing experience. It is exotic and sensual and everything we need to feel at peace right now.

Pro-Collagen Neroli Cleansing Balm 105g

Applying elemis neroli cleansing balm

If this doesn’t uplift your mood at the end of a busy day, nothing will. This is the perfect pampering treat of a cleanse that not only works wonders at removing make up, dirt and SPF but treats the skin to a deep level of hydration. Even whilst we are isolating at home, whether we are wearing make up or not, (believe me i am) It is great to still stick to our usual routines and cleanse and nurture the skin. Not only is it a beautiful experience, thoroughly cleansing the skin with gorgeous ingredients, but it is great for our wellbeing to use products that contain uplifting natural scents.

Elemis Neroli cleansing balm

Neroli Cleansing Balm is the Zesty, uplifting Sister to the Original Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm  It has all those amazing skincare benefits of the original but with the added benefits of Luxurious Neroli Oil, Orange Wax and extracts of Fig and Lemon Verbena Olea. Housed in a beautiful bright Orange Jar this is one hell of a treatment for the skin. The fragrance is just Wow! Wow! Wow! When I lift the lid I get a beautiful burst of herbiness then a hit of subtle citrus which literally makes my mouth water. The Neroli Oil is from the blossom of the Bitter Orange tree and really has great skincare benefits such as being able to heal and hydrate damaged skin, plus its  Antifungal and Antibacterial properties make it wonderful to use on a skin that is prone to breakouts and blemishes whether hormonal or otherwise.

Add to that the powers of the Sea in the form of Padina Pavonica, that brown algae that is rich in fatty acids and what you have here is a powerful yet gentle cleansing balm, that efficiently takes away all traces of SPF and make up, whilst leaving the skin feeling deeply cleansed, soft, supple, hydrated and with a healthy glow. For an extra pampering treat this is perfect to slather on a warm skin after a bath or shower as a mask and sit back for 10 minutes whilst it deeply hydrates.

Frangipani Monoi Oil Rich Body Cream 125ml

elemis frangipani lotion

An absolute favourite of mine, Frangipani Monoi Oil Rich Body Cream makes my snake skin legs feel super hydrated and look great! This body cream applies like a cream but leaves a thin veil of, almost a dry oil, over the body locking in moisture. It does not feel at all greasy but leaves the skin looking absolutely incredible! It seems to smooth out imperfections on the arms and legs, nourishes the skin deeply and leaves it feeling hydrated for hours, plus….who can resist that lingering scent of Frangipani!

NEW Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask 15ml

Elemis Pro-collagen eye revive mask

I love when we get treated to a brand new launch in a QVC Todays Special Value and what perfect timing! With many of us not sleeping and dare I say it shedding a few tears due to whats going on in the world, our eyes are starting to suffer, I know mine are. Eye products are one of the most important inclusions in my skincare routine because I have noticed this past year the struggle with my eyes has become more and more prominent. Dark circles have been a issue, due to lack of sleep,  but even more so puffiness. I tend to stick to products I know that really work on my eyes and a favourite for many years has always been the Elemis Pro-Collagen Advanced Eye Treatment. Now, to have a Pro-collagen treatment as a mask is such a treat.

elemis pro - collagen eye revive mask

This cooling gel treatment is a beaut of a product. It can easily be applied under or over make up, but I like to use it best of an evening when I am relaxing. Containing Flash Filler Hyaluronic Acid, wrinkle-reducing Watermelon Snow Algae and antioxidant-rich Bush Clover, this cooling yellow gel hydrates the eye contour so deeply that fine lines and wrinkles immediately look less pronounced. For me though, the greatest benefit has been on my under eye puffiness. I apply a layer under my eyes and relax, within a half an hour or so the puffiness has reduced greatly, but using this three times a week – sometimes more – I have seen a massive improvement on the day to day puffiness. I absolutely love this product.

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Original or Ultra Rich 30ml

elemis pro collagen ultra rich or original marine cream

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream is and always has been my all time favourite Moisturiser. Everyone that knows me knows my love for this product and with good reason. Regardless of age, this has come with me through every stage of my skin, illness, dehydration, good skin, bad skin, you name it this moisturiser has seen me through. All you have to do in this collection is make a choice which one is best for you from Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Original or Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra Rich.

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra Rich

elemis pro collagen marine cream rich

Clinically proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles, and improve the skins tone and firmness within 14 days, is it any wonder I am in love with Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. The Ultra Rich version is not only perfect for a dehydrated or drier skin but also wonderful during the warmer months, when the Sun is leaving the skin feeling parched and tight and we may not be drinking enough water. Texture wise it is incredibly lightweight and only minimally thicker than the original, it melts into the skin like a dream creating the most beautiful base for make up. Most importantly though, is the noticeable difference to the skin from day one, looking more hydrated and to day 14 looking healthier, more radiant and fine lines appearring softer.

Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Original

elemis pro collagen marine cream original

As with the above Ultra Rich Version, the almost Oceanic  scent mixed with Botanical scent of this cream immediately relaxes me and makes me take a deep breath, every single time i use it. It is that immediate feeling of recognition, like home, that feeling that all will be well with my skin when i apply this, that I love hahaha! Sounds daft, but for me it’s true! We have all heard about the benefits of living in the Mediterranean with their beautiful diet, sea air and well….Elemis use the unique Mediterranean Algae – Padina Pavonica in this cream, combined with Ginko Biloba to provide that all important Free Radical Production. Add to that the blend with Rose and Mimosa Absolute and you have a powerful anti ageing product. I am often complimented on my skin and the one constant that has remained for all these years has been this product so…….

This collection also comes with a very pretty cosmetics bag that holds all of these products with ease, is wipe clean and waterproof.

elemis april 2020 qvc tsv

Pro-Collagen Hydrate & Nurture Collection is very well put together, it includes lots of our favourites and the incredible NEW eye product. Right now, more so than ever is a time of Nurturing, Pampering and Self Care, its a time to Be Kind to ourselves and others, indulging in a pampering collection such as this is the perfect bathroom escape from all the madness going on In the world right now. Why not treat yourself or someone you love, it can be sent to a different address via QVC, to this beautiful collection. Available HERE now on presale and then available live on QVCUK from 9pm Saturday 4th April and all day Sunday 5th April whilst stocks last. This collection is worth over £195.00 but is available for just £61.95 and on 5 x Easy Pays of just £12.39…..Wow

I would love to know if you will be purchasing this collection as a treat for yourself or a loved one. Leave me a comment below.

elemis the importance of selfcare


Please wash Your Hands, Stay Safe, Stay Home and know my comments are always open for you.

Lots of Love

Sharon, XX


  1. Sandra
    March 30, 2020 / 10:33 am

    I ordered it this morning on Auto Delivery.

    • backtoyoubeauty
      March 30, 2020 / 11:01 am

      Fantastic, its such a beautiful collection, enjoy and treat yourself to some gorgeous pamper sessions xx

  2. Lucy
    March 30, 2020 / 11:39 pm

    The postal system here seems to be closing down so I am worried about ordering this. I a, a huge fan of all the contents – obviously excluding the new Eye Mask launch. This sounds right up my street and will be gutted to have to miss out on this. Stunning photos and beautifully described as ever xxx Lucy xxx

    • backtoyoubeauty
      March 31, 2020 / 12:43 pm

      Hi Lucy, oh no! To be honest though I think everyone is getting worried about the post. I am unable to physically go to a post office now but and still receing online orders. Its better to be safe than sorry big hugs xx

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