A Consultation at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic

I was kindly GIFTED this treatment with absolutely no expectation to write about it or feature it…..

In February of this year, 2020 I was invited to a consultation at the Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic. Now, I had met up with Lisa Caddy Consultant Trichologist, Brand Ambassador & Education Manager in February as I feature lots of Philip Kinglsey QVC Todays Special Value collections here on my blog and she kindly offered me a treatment. I came out of there and broke down in tears at the thought that I had been kindly offered this life line, because, at this point Lisa still did not know that I was struggling with my hair ( Read HERE) because A) I didn’t want it to sound like I was taking advantage of the situation B) I was styling my hair In such a way you didn’t really notice and C) I just never mentioned it because we were talking about my role as a beauty blogger and about featuring the brand on my blog……..

Philip Kingsley London Clinic

Photo Credit Philip Kinglsey

Fast forward to my appointment and I couldn’t sleep the night before, I was praying that this hair loss situation was real and not something I was over exaggerating in my mind. Now, this was literally about two weeks before we went into Lockdown and at that point there was the thought of something called Covid-19 and I remember being nervous to be on the train but that there was no way I was going to cancel this meeting. Now, if you know me, you know my obsession with Glamourous Hollywood and I already knew the story of the late Philip Kingsley, not only because I was already a fan of the products, but I used to love  watching him on QVCUK many years before, learning about the clients he had treated and would openly talk about ( well Elasticizer was created for Audrey Heburn) and just marvel at the passion he had for the health of hair and the scalp.

Over his celebrated 65-year-career, he treated the hair – and boosted the morale – of thousands of clients, including actors, models, royalty, professional athletes, beauty journalists and TV personalities. He was able to provide solutions to the most extreme hair and scalp problems, as well as offering products, advice and regimes for those who simply wanted their hair to look and feel its very best.

You can read all about Philip Kingsley HERE… The building at 54 Green Street, London, W1K 6RUin the heart of Mayfair is steeped In History and from the moment you walk into the clinic you cannot help  but feel at ease. The staff are friendly and discret, the waiting area is incredibly comfortable and a photo of Philip Kingsley ( who sadly died in 2016) precedes over the reception. If the walls could speak they would tell the tale of the thousands of  famous clients that have stepped foot into the  world-leading brand in Trichology’s clinic.  Royalty, models, popstars, Hollywood Stars,  actors, actresses, athletes, socialtes  and good ole Sharon from Essex! Hahaha!  There are photos of some of the famous clients on the walls but as is confidentiality i will not spill…… but i suppose a quick google will let you know who has been treated here…

Hair Shedding

Yes this is the World Famous Clinic, the leading brand of its kind and yes Philip Kingsley treat a range of clients but please do not let that unerve you. I was immediatly at ease the moment i entered. Lisa Caddy met me at reception and showed me to her beautiful office, the building really is something special. Here we had an hour long consultation in which we disccused my Lifestyle, Diet, Medication, Stress Factors, Family genes and medical history. I also told her everything i had been experiencing with my hair, how it used to look and how much hair i was loosing. I also asked if the stress of suddenly loosing my dad three months previous could have made me go grey over night (yep – 3 months of grey growth was there) and make my hair shed more quickly (yes!) I literally broke down in tears and sobbed and sobbed at the fact that i was finally being taken seriosuly. I explained how i felt knowing that my “crowning glory” my “Comfort blanket” this natural blonde hair that made me stand out was compromised and the surprisingly detremental effect loosing my hair was having on my mental wellbeing. It felt so good to ask questions, and just let it all out knowing i was in safe hands.

hair consultation at Philip kingsley

Lisa Then put a probe with a camera on the end through my hair to show up the scalp and I could see what she was seeing on the screen. This was fascinating and confirmed that i was in fact dealing with eczema and dryness on parts of my scalp, Alopecia Areata and female pattern hairloss. The relief at a diagnoses was unbelieveable i was so happy to know i hadn’t been going crazy and to find out what could be done about these conditions. I was also happy to be told that washing and brushing my hair wasn’t causing excess hair shedding. If your hair is going to shed, it’s going to shed and all that washing and brushing does is bring those loose hairs out that were coming out anyway.

hair folicles showing exzema and baldness

Alopecia Areata is what I have at the very front of my hairline – Alopecia areata (meaning ‘hair loss in areas’) is a condition that causes specific spots of baldness to appear randomly on your scalp. You can read more about it HERE

Female Pattern Hair Loss I have in various areas over my head and around my hairline –Hair loss and hair thinning in women can be caused by a wide number of factors. These include everything from an improper diet, nutritional deficiencies, thyroid dysfunction, chemotherapy, poor health, traction alopecia and trichotillomania to hormonal imbalances, menopause, genetics, follicle sensitivity and stress. You will need to see your GP and a Tricologist and you can read more HERE

I also have Telogen Effluvium – Telogen effluvium occurs when the anagen (growth) phase of the hair growth cycle is cut short by an internal disturbance in your body. This causes many more hairs than usual to move from their anagen phase into their telogen (shedding) phase, resulting in excessive daily hair fall. You can read more about it HERE

After I had asked a million questions, had my fears alleviated and spoke about treatments I could do now and what I may need to do in the future, and been given a list of blood tests to have done ( they can do these in clinic but I was happy to see my gp again) I was prescribed a treatment by Lisa and taken to the salon area. Here I was to be treated to the best scalp and hair treatment I have ever had in my entire life.

Philip Kingsley London Spa

Photo Credit Philip Kingsley

Beautifully chic with sinks and chairs, private booths, infra red lamps and an assortment of machines, I had the most relaxing time in the salon. You can actually come to the Philip Kingsley Clinic for hair repair spa treatments and a bit of hair pampering and this is most definitely something I will be doing in the future.

I was introduced to my Trichotherapist and my Signature treatment began. Now I was going to take photos in here but I really didn’t want to encroach on the privacy of the other clients, so I have my own personal photos then have included Pre-Shot photos from the Philip Kingsley website. Phones have to go on silent and you have your own private cubicle.

Philip Kinglsey Clinic Elasticizer treatment

First off I had a specifically prescribed scalp mask applied to my head, then I was lovingly slathered in Elasticizer and popped under a very retro looking steamer for 15 minutes. I was given some magazines and offered and drink and left to relax and take in all the information I had been given. The steam was glorious and really allowed product absorption and enabled me to start to relax a bit.

Infra red treatment at Philip Kingsley Clinic

My hair was then shampooed and conditioned in my prescribed products and I had a scalp tonic applied, I then had the most beautiful scalp massage and was popped under the infra red lamp to help with blood flow to the scalp. When this was done I was given the most beautiful blow dry and my hair honestly, has never looked and felt so good!! It was soft, clean and I mean really clean, shiny and most of all my scalp felt incredible.

after philip kingsley treatment at clinic

I was kindly gifted some products to use at home, given a very detailed at-home-care-plan and long term hair care options and also reminded to get my blood done. When I did go back to my GP and ask for blood test they were adamant they were not going to redo them even though it was a year later. After persuading them to do so and sharing the results with Lisa at Philip Kingsley the next day, it was clear to see that all my levels were on the floor. I spoke to a different GP in my surgery who was horrified that i had been left a year with these kind of results and was in no surprise as to why i was feeling so ill and constantly catching every infection going. How I was existing was beyond belief and even my GP said I had been borderline blood transfusion. I was prescribed incredibly high dose Ferrous Sulphate and also began taking a host of other recommended supplements, and increased green leafy vegetable into my diet.

Please bear in mind, my condition will not be the same as yours. Anyone experiencing hair loss will need to speak to their GP about blood tests, getting iron levels sorted and having a chat about diet. Then book in an appointment HERE with Philip Kingsley. Mine is a combination of extreme stress, lifestyle, medication and hereditary hair loss. The reason it has taken me so long to put this post together was because of the Covid-19 Lockdown situation. I knew it was harder to visit your GP currently, with this concern. The Philip Kingsley Clinic is not currently open due to Covid-19 (will be soon)  However, they are doing Phone/video consultations.

My hair started to do really well and thicken up a little within the first month of supplements, medication and dietary changes, although some of the hair loss cannot be reversed. What I do absolutely wish is that I had been to see the Philip Kingsley team  much Sooner. I cannot thank Lisa Caddy and the team at Philip Kingsley enough for this treatment and their ongoing support. My treatment was kindly gifted to me but I was 100% looking into paying for this myself, and will be going back for other treatments.

I cannot recommend the Philip Kinglsey Clinic highly enough and their award winning products which I use almost daily. It has been absolutely the best thing I have ever done with regards to my hair loss situation. If the stress of hair loss is getting you down, please, please enquire at Philip Kingsley. They are absolutely World leaders in this field and will help you get to the bottom of your hair and scalp concerns. Don’t waste time and money on quick fix promises, speak to a specialist. Three months after my visit to the Philip Kingsley Clinic my hair is longer, stronger, healthier and shinier.

my hair after using philip kingsley

My Hair 3 months after my Visit

I would love to open up this conversation in the comments. If you would like to purchase anything from Philipkingsley.co.uk use code SHARON15 for an extra 15% off

Please let me know if you have struggled with hair loss and the treatments you have tried, i know it is a sensitive issue but something we should talk about.

Thank you for reading, Lots of love, Sharon x

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  1. Lucy
    June 30, 2020 / 8:27 pm

    Omg this article has made my eyes leak. What a relief after reading your previous hair post, it was fascinating to read this in such detail. I have always enjoyed Lisas calm delivery of expertise on qvc but to hear the depth and scope of your consultation was fantastic. I am thrilled for you that you are on the right track and have seen such great results. How reassuring to know that there is help out there. Off to sleep in elasticizer…… xxx Lucy xxx

  2. November 4, 2020 / 12:26 pm

    I am so pleased you were able to get the treatment you needed. We underestimate the impact mental health and stress can have on our body especially our hair. I got a grey patch after my mom passed away in the same space she had it. Plus the dreaded shedding. Nice to know there’s an option I can look into.

    • backtoyoubeauty
      November 4, 2020 / 2:12 pm

      Hi Majeang, Thank you for commenting. Did you really? Isn’t it crazy? I don’t think enough people realise the damage that stress can do to your hair, im slowly trying to bring it back to its former glory but alas 2020 has other plans!!! i hope you are keeping safe and well x

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