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Here it is! SPF – The 2020 Body Edit Every year I put together an edit of some of my new favourite SPF products my family and I have been loving and testing. I cannot tell you enough the importance of wearing a great SPF EVERYDAY! There is no point investing in beautiful skincare if you are not wearing an SPF. It really is the most important Product you can invest in, not only to protect yourself from skin damage, premature ageing and pigmentation but also from Skin Cancer. I have put together my current choice of SPF – The 2020 Body Edit

body spf 2020

My family and I only wear SPF 50 throughout our hot Summers and any Heatwaves that we experience here in the UK and abroad, reapplying regularly.  The rest of the year, Spring and late Autumn, I will usually always be in SPF 30, especially on my face as those rays can penetrate deeply. I have always brought my kids up knowing the importance of using SPF all day, every day re-applying regularly and luckily it is something they do without me telling them ( thought I do check). “If you don’t wear SPF we cannot be friends” is a saying of mine. I know only too well the devastating effect the sun and sun damage can have on unprotected skin and I am passionate about SPF. I never wear less than SPF50 from Late Spring through to late Autumn and am always sporting a healthy, glowing tan.

Summer 2020

Please, please take SPF application seriously and always be over generous with the amount you need. Some people say a shot glass full for your body, but every body has a different shape or size so just apply a covering to exposed parts of the skin at least 15-30 minutes before you head outside and massage in. If using a spray formulation always rub it in after spraying and please apply regularly. Enjoy SPF – The 2020 Body Edit

Soleil Toujours SPF 50 Sheer Sunscreen Mist – Organic, Reef Safe

soleil toujours spf 50

Well, in all my years of being a mum and a beauty blogger testing new products, not one product has been used, drained, emptied and enjoyed as fast as this!! This was finished in four days!! Recently we have had some incredible weather in the UK a very hot Heatwave and some great sunshine days. Unable to travel far due to Lockdown we have been having some lovely family time in our garden and around our pool.

This Organic Mist was a huge hit immediately! My adult son, husband, myself, my young son my niece, nephew and sister (social distanced visiting) all loved it. We went through this spray in four days, in the garden. Firstly, this spray is super cooling on the skin and during last weeks heatwave that reached 30 degrees here in Essex it was an absolute joy to spray all over the skin to cool us down, and secondly who doesn’t love an easy to use SPF that the kids will enjoy using. This is non sticky, water resistant for 80 minutes, Organic, Reef Safe and gives the most beautiful golden tan. It contains a proprietary blend of Algae’s and Vitamins to leave the skin feeling hydrated, refreshed and protected. The only down side is the strong smell of alcohol at first spray – but that disappears asap. We bloody love this. Available HERE

Clear formula
Water-resistant for up to 80 minutes
Rich in antioxidants
70%+ certified organic
Contains no octinoxate or oxybenzone
Safe for use around coral reefs

Suitable for : Everyone but especially people in a rush

NEW Vichy Solar Protective Water with Hyaluronic Acid SPF 50

vichy solar water

Another bloody brilliant SPF in my humble opinion hahaha. This is like magic! Suitable for even the most sensitive skin, the formula of this is spectacular. This very high broad spectrum SPF 50 spray is beautifully lightweight, hydrating and cooling on the face and body. The unique Bi-Phase  Solar Water formula sprays gently on the skin and achieves optimum SPF protection against those harmful sunrays. I absolutely love this on my face because it feels like a hydrating mist instead of a thick SPF, smells delightfully fresh and plumps out the skin and fine lines! Yes! The Hydrolized Hyaluronic Acid is quite far down the inkey list but it is there and this does feel incredible hydrating on the skin and gives a beautifully even tan, I also love how it adds a glow to the skin without feeling oily..  I am totally shook by this formula and as much as my youngest sun loved this, its all mine hahahah. It is of course dermatologist tested, does not stain clothes and is suitable for anyone. In my opinion, save this for yourself, especially if like me you have a more mature, dehydrated skin, this is incredible SPF protection. I am also looking forward to testing out their Enhanced tan formula. Deffo one to grab hold of when you see it. Available HERE

High protection suncare SPF 50, for face and body, in a unique solar water format. Enriched with broad spectrum UV filters and hydrating hyaluronic acid to deliver high protection in a lightweight, quickly absorbed formula.

Suitable for : Everyone but feels amazing on mature  or dehydrated skin

SVR Sun Protection Water SPF50

svr solar water spf 50

I absolutely love SVR sun protection products and one of my favourites ( that I don’t think is available anymore) is the SVR Sun Secure Huile SPF 50+ Silky Finish Dry Oil. 

In its place I am using and loving the SVR Sun Protection Water SPF50. Another brand using that water technology, this incredibly high SPF is wonderfully refreshing, lightweight, water resistant, sweat proof and gives the most beautifully golden tan. I love using this all over but especially on my legs as they go so golden. This is suitable for use on the face without stinging the eyes – I spray it into my hands then apply, and feels like nothing on the skin. A beautiful, beautiful SPF Available HERE

Dermatological protection by targeting all types of rays:
*UVB + UVA: 3 non-controversial sun filters
*VISIBLE + INFRARED: antioxidant technology
A strict formulation charter is used, that is specifically adapted to skin that is hypersensitive to the sun.

Suitable for : Everyone but especially anyone with Sun- Hypersensitive skin

La Roche-Posay Anthelios 50+ Invisible Spray

La Roche Posay Anthelios SPF 50

This best selling SPF is increbile at protecting very sensitive skin. I think you can see the pattern appearing of the kind of SPF I like to use on myself and my family. It has to be high protection and suitable for sensitive skin. Anthelios mist spray is a light weight cream that melts into the skin quickly and easily without leaving behind any white residue. Great for use on fidgety children, this non sticky formula is cooling, water resistant, sand resistant and doesn’t rub of easily. Suitable for both face and body this also has infrared protection. Available HERE

Infused with Mexoplex®, Mexoryl XL and Mexoryl SX, a powerful cocktail of protection is created, defending against both UVB and UVA rays. Thermal Spring water helps to keep the consistency of the formula light and airy, rather than sticky and greasy. Simply spray onto the skin and let the innovative formula work its magic.

Suitable for : Everyone but great for wriggly kids!

Delph SPF 30

delph spf 30

If you are on a budget, Delph sun protection is a way go but just remember to keep applying regularly. Thicker than the other formulas I have mentioned above and also a touch smaller being a 150ml tube, this is still a easily spreadable formula. Water resistant and with SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection this range has been dermatologically tested and is a Vegan brand.  One of only 7 Sun Creams prescribed by doctors this protects from UVA and UVB. This does contain Oxybenzone, so if you do not like that in your products avoid this. Available HERE

Fully tested according to medical standards and it is supplied to the NHS, many local authorities and public utilities as well as the MoD and RNLI.
High Protection
UVA/UVB Sun Screens
UVA Star Rating System – 4 * ‘Superior’ Protection

Suitable for : Anyone on a budget

I hope you have enjoyed my SPF – The 2020 Body Edit post. Those are my top picks for 2020 but I use and review so many different suncare brands as I am a SPF Junkie so do please check out my other SPF favourites HERE, HERE and HERE and don’t forget to check out my face SPF recommendations for this year too!

Don’t forget to tell me your favourites as I love hearing from you, do please leave me acomment below

Thanks for reading

Love, Sharon



  1. Lucy
    July 16, 2020 / 8:14 pm

    Brilliant blog. I rely on an easy and dependable spf living in the sun. I really fancy the cooling spray. Another well thought out, detailed , honest, thorough and beautifully photographed blog. xxx Lucy xxx

    • backtoyoubeauty
      July 17, 2020 / 9:43 am

      Thanks Lucy, i feel like no one comments on my blog anymore so i am really appreciative of you xx

      • Lucy
        July 21, 2020 / 9:14 am

        Awwww I always will. I can see the work you put in – for our benefit!! xxxxxxx

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