Pixi Retinol Skincare Collection

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It is always a very exciting time when new Pixi products arrive on my desk and none more so than when the Pixi Retinol Skincare Collection arrived back in May. I shared it on my insta-stories at the time but wanted to give the collection a good test and try before letting you know more about it.

pixi retinol collection

Along with a Great SPF, Retinol is one of my must have and best loved skincare ingredients to use. Clinically proven to give incredible skincare results (Bye Bye wrinkles) adding a great Retinol to your skincare regime when you see those fine lines appearing will pay dividends in great skin for years to come. Whilst not all Retinol products are the same, I do believe the Pixi Retinol Skincare Collection is a great entry point for first time user wishing to build up gradually. However, before you consider using Retinol, make sure you are using a great SPF as these products must go hand in hand.

pixi overnight oil retinol

What is a Retinol? Well, Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that works at every level of the skin. It can break up pigmentation, it helps amazingly with fine lines and wrinkles, boosts Collagen, makes your skin better at hydrating itself and speeds up skin cell turnover. It is pretty darn amazing and is the most incredible active ingredient that has clinical evidence to prove all of the above. Knowing which strength to use, how and when, is important for your skin type and age. With variations from Retinyl Palmitrate, Retinol and prescription only Retin-A, it is important to start gently and build slowly, depending on your age, skin type and concern.

retinol pixi collection

It is best not to layer a Retinol product with a Glycolic or Vitamin C and to use on different nights, but always, always use a SPF the following day. Not only does this protect the strength of Retinol that you are using (as it breaks down in the sun) but obviously also protects your skin. The best advise really, when it comes to Retinol products is to start slowly and build up. Retinol products can be expensive but I have some formulas that I use regularly and love and they vary in price and are suitable for many different levels of skin. Whether you are starting in your twenties as a preventative measure, or want something more hardcore in you forties and beyond, some of the products from the Pixi Retinol Skincare Collection make great entry points.

Retinol Jasmine Cleanser 135ml

pixi retinol cleanser

Enriched with Vitamin A, Antioxidants and Ceramides, this incredibly creamy cleanser feels beautifully fresh on the skin. After first use the skin immediately looks smoother and feels soft and thoroughly cleansed. Its a non foaming creamy cleanser which many of us enjoy, and really works well at removing dirt and SPF, though I wouldn’t use this on my eyes, this would be most beneficial as your second cleanse or morning cleanse. Contains Retinol to smooth the skin and Jasmin Oil to nourish the skin. However please remember this is a cleanser so the Retinol included will ‘obviously wash off. Lovely gentle cleanser. Available HERE

Retinol Tonic

pixi retinol toner

Released late 2018, this is a beautiful product and one I admit to using often. This toner is so gentle and light that it can be used every evening, after cleansing, with absolutely no reaction or down time. This multi action toner contains time release Retinol that boosts the skin with powerful antioxidants. It feels wonderfully fresh and cool on the skin and gave me exceptional results on my forehead lines when I first started using it. I literally used this every evening, as a toner, for 4 weeks when I first received it, and my forehead lines were visibly reduced!! I adore this product, have repurchased and recommend to family and think it is a wonderful addition to my skincare regime. I think it’s perfect for anyone that wants something gentle that they can swipe over the skin every evening, without thinking or worrying about any side effects. If you have acne, or suffer from blemishes and inflammation, the Jasmine flower inclusion is wonderful at softening and comforting the skin, whilst also adding a brightening effect. If you love anything botanical, then this is the one for you. Available HERE

Retinol Jasmine Lotion

Pixi Retinol Jasmin Lotion

I couldn’t find any percentages of Retinol on Pixi Products, however Retinol Palmitate ( the Ester of Vitamin A) is quite high up on the Inci list which is always good. This product is also full or Humectants making this a very hydrating lotion. Super light in texture is feels lovely on my mature skin. I do find that less is more and it does have a slip to it, if you are oily maybe use this sparingly, although saying that it does dry demi-matte. Containing Peptides, Retinol and Jasmine oil it hydrates, moisturises and brightens the skin. A nice lightweight, fuss free lotion. Available HERE

Retinol Eye Cream 25ml

Pixi Retinol eye cream

I have to be very careful with eye creams because if they are too thick they cause puffiness under my eyes, hence why I gravitate to a serum or gel. In my opinion this is quite a thick eye cream and one that I probably will not use often. I love the packaging, making it easy not to dispense too much product. Formulated to improve elasticity, smooth fine lines and depuff ( thanks to the caffeine inclusion) this would be great to use as part of a daily regime. Containing Peptides and Ceramides, Retinol and Jasmine it is full of some great ingredients but is sadly just a little too thick for my mature, thinning eye area. Available HERE

Overnight Retinol Oil 30ml

Pixi Overnight Retinol Oil

I really, really enjoy Pixi oils, especially the Rose Oil and Vitamin C Oil, my skin just loves them. I was super excited to try the Retinol oil and no surprises… I really enjoy it. This is such a delight to use, it smells beautifully of Jasmine, which I can’t really smell in the other products and just lifts the spirits. Packed full of Peptides, Ceramides, Retinol and flower and nut oils this makes my skin look absolutely beautiful each morning after evening application. My skin feels smooth, looks bright and hydrated, fine lines appear more plumped out therefore making them less visible and it doesn’t not feel heavy or greasy. My skin absolutely loves this and I think this is my hero product from the range! An absolute must have and a great way for gently and easily adding Retinol to your skin. Available HERE

My Thoughts on this collection

I absolutely adore Pixi Skincare products, I really do and I have been genuinely using, loving and recommending them for years. I was thrilled to be able to try out this collection and think it is a great entry point for anyone starting out with Retinol or wanting to use a gentle slow release Retinol on a daily basis. Obviously we do not know the percentages of Retinol in these products but its such a lovely light and fresh range to use on a daily basis anyway it feels great. My personal favourites from the range are the Retinol Jasmine Cleanser, Retinol Tonic and the Overnight Retinol Oil. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO USE SPF DAILY WITH RETINOL PRODUCTS

Are you a Pixi fan? Which product do you love and recommend from the brand? Will you be trying any of the Pixi Retinol Skincare Collection products? Let me know below, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading,

Love Sharon

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